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The goals of MusicTechNet…or as we may abbreviate it from time to time…MTN, are simple, although the technologies we write about can be very complex.  We want to bring your attention to, and encourage discussion on, the latest and greatest uses of portable technology to enhance the development of music from three perspectives:

  • Songwriting
  • Recording
  • Performing

As we are all aware, technology has played a crucial role in music production for many years…all the way from the mammoth multi-track analog machines to the relatively tiny iPod.  It used to be that music could only be produced in a well-equipped studio, filled with bulky amplifiers and racks of processing equipment.  Now, most musicians have home based systems running a myriad of recording and production software products that are driving the industry.  Many of these same products are now also available for use in live performances.

Because of this enormous wealth of technology available to us, it would arrogant to assume we could be even an adequate source of information, links, articles, reviews and forums on everything that is out there.

Instead, we wish to focus our efforts on examining the trend toward the increasing portability of music production capabilities.  We will be taking a look at the hardware and software that is changing the concepts of “recording studio”, “effects processing”, “music editing and mastering”, as well as other functionalities now available to the amateur and professional musicians alike.

A few things we are intentionally leaving out of our coverage either because of their tremendous proliferation and similarity to one another, or because they are more for entertainment than music production.

  • Tuners & Metronomes – most musicians already have these and they are both widely available and often built into more complex apps.
  • Piano apps (except interesting synthesizers) – most musicians already have a piano interface, so these are often mostly geared toward entertainment.
  • Music players – geared toward entertainment.
  • Basic recorders – unless they are multi-track and prove useful to a recording musician.
  • Beat & drum machines – we are selective in our coverage here, mostly due to the proliferation of drums loops available on CD and online.

That said, if there is any coverage our readers feel should be included, please let us know.


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