Various Synths by Nick Copeland

One of the plus features of these apps is the price…they are all under $2.00!

Augur-5 Synth by Nick Copeland


Augur-5 Synthesizer: This emulates an 80s classic analogue poly synth, the emulator has dual or four voice polyphony with multi-touch. It has dual oscillator, noise, lfo, mixer, filter and a pair of envelope generators. The app supports pressure sensitive touch screens, X/Y accelerometer for pitch and mod wheel, multi-touch and zooming interface facilities. The interface has options for fat-finger, analogue filters and rich oscillators however these will consume extra CPU cycles. The interface also has a full piano keyboard setting.
There is an emulator ‘Unison’ switch which will play both voices on a single note to pad out the sound.The same author has an Augur-52 which is the same engine with a stereo flanger on the output stage.Both have a step sequencer and mastering output recording to WAV files, including Ringtones, etc.

Interface zooming can be done either with the trackball (Nexus/HTC have them) or enable multi-touch via the menu then tap the screen with two fingers at the same time – this will zoom the interface in/out. If you tap with two fingers but keep them held you can move the screen around. This kind of helps out with the dense graphics.

Patches are saved on the SD card along with factory sounds, there is an export and import option to exchange patches.

The emulator will, per default, attempt to run with a set of options that will give reasonable quality and the lowest possible latency/lag. The quality of the audio can be tuned with the menu options however the lowest possible latency for pretty much all Android devices is currently 42ms, on my HTC Desire it is 70ms. If you understand what this means then the value might seem quite high but the app is still a lot of fun.

Other Models:

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