Lyric Pad

Lyric Pad by Daniel Neilsen


Musicians often carry large folders of song words and chord charts to gigs for reference. It can be difficult to find the correct song quickly and also can be very time consuming to keep a song folder ordered and up to date.

Lyric Pad has been designed to replace the Lyric Folders of musicians (and drummers – sorry couldn’t resist a drummer joke) and has many options so the user can customize the system to their specific purpose.

This application has been written by a working musician for working musicians and has been designed to be a solid, responsive and small application that can be efficiently used when you are onstage.


How it Works

Lyric Pad searches for all files in your set lyrics folder with a .txt extension and automatically creates an alphabetical list of song names from the file names.

To get started simply add some txt files (lyric files) into a path on your device and set the path in the Lyric Pad preferences.

If your lyric file includes script events (refer to the inbuilt help info) then the displayed lyrics on the screen will automatically scroll at your scripted times.

If your lyric file does not include scripted events it can still automatically scroll to the bottom after a set period by using the Non-Script Automation in Lyric Pad which is great for most songs.

Additionally you can include a static “side view” column on the screen which is great for keeping chord or other information about a song on the screen while the lyrics scroll.

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