Saitara AC-7 DAW Controllers for iPhone and iPad

AC-7 Family of Controllers for Digital Audio Workstations by Saitara

AC-7 Mini for the iPhone




AC-7Core XT






AC-7 Core is a range of wireless DAW control surface apps. The apps run on iPads/iPhones/iPod Touches running iOS4.2 or higher, connecting to the host computer via wi-fi. They connect with OS X natively using the new CoreMIDI framework of iOS4.2, and with Windows using the rtpMIDI* driver. On iPads, it’s also possible to connect via a wired connection for minimum latency.

*rtpMIDI technology licensed from Tobias Erichsen


Q.  Are there any known issues with the current release?

A. Not that we know of. If you find anything, please let us know in the forum.

Q. Why aren’t the AC-7 DAW and AC-7 Pro apps available? Why weren’t they updated to CoreMIDI?

A. The original AC-7 Pro and AC-7 DAW used the open-source DSMidiwifi system for communications, which could be kinda flaky on some systems…

Once set up properly, it did work pretty well though.

When the iOS4.2 update was rumoured to have CoreMIDI in it, we knew we’d better figure out how to integrate it into the AC-7 Pro and AC-7 DAW.

It required a complete re-write, but we thought the reliability would be worth the effort.

In order for it to work smoothly on all platforms, we had to pay out (lots) for a software driver license.

Again, we thought it would be worth the expense to have a complete, easy to use system.

No problems so far.

However, this software license only applied to new apps…not updates to existing apps.

This is the reason for retiring the AC-7 Pro, and introducing the “new” AC-7 Core series.

The App Store system doesn’t allow targeted discounts for selected people so it’s impossible to give upgrade pricing.

We completely understand the irritation of existing users, but there’s no need to pay for the new app if you don’t need the new features…the AC-7 Pro will continue working as it always did.

Unfortunately, this is the system we have to operate in.

Also, the CoreMIDI system is working out great so this kind of situation won’t be happening again.

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